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Discover DNA - Science Inside Out
Royal Institution website, December 2002

Subduing Suppressors (PDF)
Silencing certain immune cells could defeat disease.
Scientific American
, December issue, 2002

Riding the age wave (PDF)
Pathways, the Novartis journal, October/Dec 2002

Cock-a-doodle-don't, 24 October 2002

Crackdown on persistent infections imminent
The Lancet Infectious diseases, vol 2, September 2002

Immunotherapy comes in from the cold
The Lancet, August 31 2002

Modelling the schizophrenic brain
The Lancet Neurology, August issue, 2002

Defying death
Pathways, the Novartis journal, July/September 2002

Low iodine, low IQ
The Times T2, 30 July 2002

Caught short, 27 June, 2002

Does mucus hypersecretion matter in airway disease?
The Lancet, June 1, 2002

What future for the Argentine science base after last year’s economic collapse?
The Lancet, April 13, 2002

Keeping rust off your mind
Buenos Aires Herald, weekend supplement, 6 April 2002

And then there was Gleevec
2001 Novartis Annual Report, Feb 2002.

Count to 10 (PDF)
Scientific American, February 2002

Heading off brain damage
Well-aware website

Sex hormones for the ageing brain?
The Endocrinologist, Spring 2002-03-06

Targeted treatment for incontinence beckons
The Lancet, 26 January 2002

Generation propagation
Pathways – The Novartis journal, January-March 2002

His pain, her pain
New Scientist, 19 January, 2002

Age and oestrogen
Times, 17 December 2001,,74-2001581509,00.html

A laboratory for mixing scientists
Pathways – The Novartis journal, October- December 2001

Forever young - additional reporting –
New Scientist, 22 September 2001.

What can sex hormones do for the damaged brain?
The Lancet, 8 September 2001

My doctor lied to me

How to build a testis
TRENDS in Endocrinology & Metabolism, August 2001

Rejuvenation recipes

TRENDS in Endocrinology & Metabolism, July 2001

New perspectives on the management of intersex
The Lancet, 30 June 2001

Ethics and gender (PDF)
The Times, 26 June 2001

Destiny’s genes
The Endocrinologist, Summer 2001

Rejuvenation recipes
TRENDS in Molecular Medicine, May 2001

Cellular Pump changes prospect of disease resistance
The Lancet, 14 April 2001

Womb wars
Scientific American, October 2000

Are fake ops justified?
The Times, 29 August 2000

Lifesaving vaccine caught in an ethical minefield
The Lancet, 22 July 2000

AGE breakers
Scientific American, July 2000

Neural transplantation: new cells for old brains
The Lancet, 17 June 2000

Rhythm and blues
New Scientist, 3 June 2000

Elixir of youth could rejuvenate elderly
The Observer, 5 March 2000

Sex is all in the brain
Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, March 2000

New treatments proposed for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
The Lancet, 5 February 2000

Crisis, what crisis?
Geriatric Medicine, December 1999

The soul of a new disease
The Economist, 20 November 1999

Patients have heads drilled in quest for brain cure
The Observer, 14 November 1999

From DNA to drugs
Molecular Medicine Today, November 1999

Cell implants reconstruct myelin sheaths
BMJ, 23 October 1999

How planning can beat the winter bed crisis
Hospital Doctor, 14 October 1999

Inroads made into transplantation problems
The Lancet, 9 October 1999

Oestrogen shields brain from ageing
The Lancet, 25 September 1999


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