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Chinese medicine in western packaging (PDF)
The past decade has seen a global awakening to the truly curative powers of
many ancient medicines, from black bear bile to the Asian plant Epimedium.
Lisa Melton delves deeper

Chemistry World, May 2007, page 46-49

Fat prophets
With over half the adult population in the developed world either overweight
or obese, the search for lucrative fat-fighting drugs is gaining speed. Lisa
Melton reports

Chemistry & Industry, 23 April 2007, page 18-20

New formula for fit future
Baby food offering lifetime protection against obesity could be in the supermarket soon.
Chemistry & Industry, 23 April 2007, page 6. News.

Millionaires from antibody research (PDF)
Lisa Melton finds out how a Manchester husband and wife team tackled infectious diseases
The Times, focus report 19 March 2007, page4

A hothouse of medical research (PDF)
Lisa Melton reports on the fruits of the region’s successful campaign to woo biotech firms
The Times, focus report 19 March 2007, page 6

Liposuctioned fat cells to repair bodies
European Science Foundation news release, 19 February 2007

Cancer is a stem cell issue
European Science Foundation news release, 19 February 2007

Epigenetics to shape stem cell future
European Science Foundation news release, 19 February 2007

What’s your poison?
Could the damage wreaked by alcohol, tobacco, pollution, and a bad diet all be caused by the same little molecule, asks Lisa Melton
New Scientist, 12 February 2007

Lost in tone
Music and the brain
Wellcome Science, issue 5, February 2007

How to grow long in the tooth
The Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1947
Wellcome Science, issue 5, February 2007

The Antioxidant Myth
Free radicals bad, antioxidants good, right? For the supplements industry,
the truth might be a hard pill to swallow, by Lisa Melton.

Reader's Digest, Australia, December 2006, pages 60-66

Renewing the attack on an old foe
NITD Symposium on Tuberculosis (Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases)
Meeting report, Bagamoyo, Tanzania, October 2006

Nicotine rehab
Nicotine has amazing powers as an anti-inflammatory. Now researchers are hunting for a nicotine surrogate that bypasses its nasty side effects, as Lisa Melton finds out.
Chemistry World, pages 52-55, October 2006

The science behind the attacks
Helping people with vertigo tinnitus and deafness
The Meniere’s Society Magazine – Spin – pages 8-9, Autumn 2006 issue

The Big Picture - on Thinking (PDF)
The Wellcome Trust, issue 4, September 2006

‘Son un mito los suplementos antioxidantes?’
by Dr Lisa Melton, on dietary supplements.
La Nación (Argentine broadsheet) 27 August 2006, page 1

The antioxidant myth: a medical fairy tale
If popping pills to stave off the ravages of ageing sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is, says Lisa Melton.
New Scientist, 5 August 2006

Body Blazes
How nicotine stops inflammation could lead to new drugs.
Scientific American, June 2006

Stem cells – too fast too soon? (PDF)
The hottest topic in biomedical science may be poised to leap from lab to clinic.
Wellcome Science, issue 2, March 2006

Evolution in action (PDF)
How HIV is changing our genetic make-up
Wellcome Science, issue 2, May 2006

Clues to breast cancer hidden inside stem cells
Stem cells and how to boost them is hot on the research agenda. But stopping them could be critical too, as evidence implicating stem cells in cancer is mounting.
ESF news release, 24 April 2006

Testes to incubate stem cells
ESF news release, 24 April 2006

Stem cells: between fact and fantasy
ESF news release, 18 April 2006


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